Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Schopick quickly understood my illness and treated my symptoms right away. I experienced quick relief from most of my symptoms. My depression (was addressed) quickly and with very good results.”

“Thank you for giving me my son back. You were the only one who was willing to help our family when we desperately needed it. You hold a special place in our heart. Our son is doing well since he stopped taking his medicine. I am forever grateful to you.”

“Having suffered (for) a lifetime and having had other doctors throw in the treatment towel, I was fortunate to find Dr. Schopick. His tenacity and professional demeanor is refreshing and can give you hope in the darkest of times.”

“I was fortunate to find a doctor who is an expert on sleep issues on the first try! Lack of sleep leads to depression and he has helped so much with this as well. I’m feeling so much better. Can’t thank him enough!”

“Excellent Care! Dr. Schopick is very knowledgeable, passionate and friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of care. He has a refreshing, unique, and logical approach with life-changing results. Office staff is fantastic and accommodating. Highly recommended!”

“I have been seeing Dr. Schopick for more than 10 years. He makes himself available when needed and is knowledgeable about the latest techniques and medications. He has gotten me through some tough times.”

“I found Dr. Schopick online and decided to see him to get help for opiod dependence. I’ve now been going to Dr. Schopick for over a year. He has helped me tremendously with overcoming my fear of addiction. I am close to being done with my treatment, and he has also helped me (find) other ways to manage my anxiety and depression. Dr. Schopick has been a great help in my (achieving) a better life. I’m very glad I made the decision to (make) him my doctor. He’s really helped me have a better life and better self-esteem.”

“I have been a patient for over two years. When I began, I was trying to manage without an anti-depressant…after countless attempts with different drugs caused disturbing and sometimes serious results. Dr. Schopick gave me the courage to try again. He was always available if I had a problem and he did not push me to give the anti-depressant more time. This process ended in success for me!”

“With Dr. Schopick’s guidance I have been able to get my life back on track!”

“My treatment experience with Dr. Schopick has been a positive and supportive one. He has helped me address significant attentional challenges which I have dealt with all my life. Before seeing Dr. Schopick, I haphazardly attempted to deal with these challenges in unhealthy and unsuccessful ways. He is an insightful listener and thoughtful. Dr. Schopick also provides advice, suggestions and care in a calm, respectful manner that puts one at ease. His professional approach and personality have helped make it possible/easier to share my struggles, progress and successes.”

“I went to Dr. Schopick for help with my substance abuse. We established a plan to help me remain drug free and it has been working wonderfully. I’ve been drug free for over a year now and am also close to being done with the treatment process. Dr. Schopick has been very patient and understanding throughout the whole process. He has helped me with coping mechanisms and has always had an open ear to listen to me when I needed to talk. He has been a great doctor and I am very thankful for all his help.”

“My experience with Dr. Schopick has been very positive for me. As a patient he has directed me and my life in a whole new direction. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety disorder for 40 years. Dr. Schopick has not judged me in any form and his kindness does not go unrecognized. Dr. Schopick has worked diligently with me to find treatment for my disease. I am at a good place today thanks to Dr. Schopick’s hard work. I always look forward to seeing him professionally and as a friend.”

“For many years I have struggled with binge eating, ADHD and depression. I took several different antidepressants over the last 20 years but nothing fully helped me. I recently started seeing Dr. Schopick and in a matter of a couple of months, he sorted out what my most pressing concerns are and began me on a new course of treatment. The change in my medications has helped me dramatically. I have much better control of my life and am able to focus clearly. I feel like a new person. Dr. Schopick is very knowledgeable, professional and is very good at what he does. I highly recommend him.”

“I am the parent of a 23 year old male patient. The experience has been very “eye opening.” Through the expertise of Dr. Schopick, MJ has and continues to learn to be accountable and responsible. As a parent, I have found Dr. Schopick to be exceptional. When we were in the middle of a crisis, the support and direction from Dr. Schopick was and is invaluable. As difficult as this process (has sometimes been), you are lucky to get that miracle to make a change and Dr. Schopick is that miracle. This (situation was) extremely serious and very scary. MJ now looks back and can see how much could have gone in the opposite direction. He has gained a tremendous amount of self-worth and appreciation of life. He has a great deal of respect and is forever grateful. MJ has continued (challenges) ahead and remains aware that he needs to stay in control of his actions and continue to make good choices. As a parent, I am also forever grateful for the services provided by Dr. Schopick and staff. I have received immediate response whenever I contact the office, (and) excellent professionalism. As a parent, I will stay educated around all the issues and remain a steady and positive support for MJ as he is a fantastic person, an incredible son and irreplaceable! I thank you so very much and appreciate being able to share my thoughts.”

“I came to Dr. Schopick’s office broken and lost. I was trying to get clean from opiates and found myself in a hopeless cycle of relapse. Dr. Schopick was understanding but he did not pity me. He expected me to be able to achieve my goal, and being held to that standard helped me greatly.”
“When I was institutionalized for addiction, I found the treatment staff to be rather enabling of my drug addiction, saying that, “relapse is part of recovery” and having low expectations of addicts. Dr. Schopick did not expect me to fail, or at least he didn’t show it. His straightforward approach was refreshing and encouraging. Dr. Schopick is clearly well-versed in the field of medicine, but he also has insights into subjects that I wouldn’t have expected. His deep understanding of the human mind and of societal behavior has helped me to better understand myself. He has provided me with clarity to see the meaning behind my social interactions.”
“Though our sessions are short, I often feel that Dr. Schopick and I cover a lot of ground. He is insightful and even funny sometimes. His enjoyable demeanor is a perfect complement to his skills as a doctor. I have been clean for four months and many different things have helped me to achieve this sobriety; Dr. Schopick is certainly one of them. Thank you, Dr. Schopick.”

Provider Testimonials

“I greatly appreciate that Dr. Schopick is able to see my patients quickly and provide them with an impressive degree of attention. He is an excellent collaborator, exchanging information with me in ways that enhance the level of care for those we treat. He has been a valuable resource for my practice.”
— Michael R. Kandle, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Durham, NH

“I have collaborated with David for several years regarding the psychopharmacological needs of my clients. Often he is familiar with the newest research, which has enhanced the efficacy of the client’s ovarall treatment.”
— Sandra K.Vallery, Ph.D., Exeter, NH

“I have known Dr. David Schopick professionally for over ten years. I have collaborated with him on several cases, have made a number of referrals to him for psychiatric consultation and reviewed many of his consultative reports.

He has an excellent grasp of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric conditions affecting children/adolescents and adults. He has been a tremendous asset to the medical and mental health communities on the Seacoast with respect to dependable, timely and thoughtful care of patients.”
— Jerrold Pollak, Ph.D., Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Portsmouth, NH

“Dr. David Schopick has provided many of my patients psychiatric services over the last number of years. It has been my experience that obtaining expeditious psychiatric consultation can be very difficult. David’s office has always been most accommodating in getting my patients in with minimal inconvenience. He has helped to remove a huge burden of responsibility from my shoulders vis a vis psychiatric support to many of my patients. I have received prompt feedback, and patient care has been excellent. I would highly recommend David, and he even has a secretary who is patient-friendly.”
— Michael J.P. Lannon, MD, Family Practice, Exeter, NH

“Over the last several years, I have consulted Dr. David Schopick for my patients who have needed psychiatric assistance. He has been particularly helpful for those pediatric and adolescent patients who are often difficult to manage. One striking feature of his care is that he gets my patients into his office in a timely fashion, and that type of psychiatric support is extremely valuable in my practice. He has served a large number of my patients very well, and I am pleased that I have the opportunity to continue to refer patients from my practice to him.”
— Jeffrey Russell, MD, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover, NH

“I’ve known David for 25 years and have referred numerous patients to him during that time. David has always been extremely responsive to my needs as a clinician and to the needs of my clients. I’ve found David to be open-minded and on top of latest developments in the field. He specializes in working with children and adolescents but has also been highly effective with the many adults I’ve referred to him.”
— Roger Eugene Poiré, Psy.D.